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Converting HTML to WordPress

By integrating HTML design as a WordPress theme, we integrate your content and design into WordPress! Call to get a price.

WordPress Theme Integration is a service we frequently provide for companies that have realized the power of WordPress and want to switch to WordPress from html or any other infrastructure. Our theme integrated service, known as HTML to WordPress, is for those who want to change the format of their site, have a manageable site, and more importantly, want to move their site to wordpress without changing the existing design.

You are at the right address if you want to work with a company that has WP integration that will be prepared completely in line with your wishes, delivery on time with high business discipline, and more importantly, a company you can trust.

Converting HTML to WordPress

HTML olarak hazırlanan web sitelerinizi WordPress’e entegre ediyoruz.

We integrate your HTML websites into WordPress.

PSD to WordPress

Photoshop (PSD) ile hazırlanmış tasarımlarınızı WordPress’e entegre ediyoruz.

We integrate your designs prepared with Photoshop (PSD) into WordPress.

Converting Custom Software to WordPress

If you have a site prepared in a different infrastructure other than WordPress, we integrate it into WordPress without changing your design.

HTML to WordPress (WordPress Site Integration)

Do you have unanswered questions about changing your site’s format? You do not have to worry about it because we offer this service professionally for you with our expert and experienced teammates in converting HTML site to WordPress service.

Some of the companies that receive WordPress integration services

  • www.ascit.com.tr
  • www.panelcit.com.tr
  • www.dagistanpatent.com.tr
  • www.ozkabeton.com.tr
  • www.rednasis.com.tr
  • www.aysuinsaat.com.tr

HTML to WordPress (WordPress Site Integration)

Unfortunately, there is no standard price for the WordPress Theme Integrated service. Prices vary according to the website, features and functions you have requested. To provide fee information, I need to learn the details of your project or the website you want.

Converting HTML Design to WordPress

Along with the technology, websites have also developed and it continues to be developed. WordPress is a good manageable website system with many advantages in this regard. Since websites with HTML design are static, they will tire you a lot about adding something to your site. Since the sites with HTML design do not have a management panel, you will have to constantly struggle with the codes.

If you are looking for people or companies that convert HTML site to WordPress with similar problems, you are at the right address. With 10 years of WordPress experience in converting and integrating HTML design into WordPress, and more than 200+ WordPress references, we do the complete conversion process from HTML site to WordPress.

Click bugrayazar.com/wordpress-services for our other WordPress Services.

Why Should You Choose WordPress?

  1. Websites in html format are often used to create static websites. WordPress, on the other hand, offers you the option to create a dynamic and static website.
  2. We can make a WordPress format website look the way you want thanks to many different theme options.
  3. Thanks to an easy and understandable panel, you can add basic products, text, pictures and videos to your business’s WordPress website, just like uploading photos to your social media account.
  4. Thanks to its easy management panel, you will love WordPress.
  5. Thanks to its developable structure, you can add different modules and plugins to your theme whenever you want.

You can get professional support for the services we mentioned above by getting services from us for the WordPress integration of the HTML website for your website.

Converting HTML Design to WordPress

  • We backup all the information on your website in HTML format that you have used before during your integrating service.
  • After the backup process is completed, the HTML design of your business is converted to WordPress.
  • Your backed up website information is transferred to your new website completely.
  • We convert it to WordPress without changing the field of design.
  • Your website’s content remains as it is.
  • It is our job to integrate the Html Site WordPress.

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WordPress Theme Integration Prices

By integrating HTML design as a WordPress theme, we integrate it into WordPress without changing your content and design! You can fill out the form to get information about WordPress theme integration prices.

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