WordPress Setup Service Turkey

Wordpress is a very popular platform to set up a website. It is widely used for both personal and corporate works. You can contact us if you want professional support about fast and easy WordPress website setup with Turkish administration panel.

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WordPress Setup Service Turkey

We determine everything from the theme of your site to the extensions according to your needs and provide WordPress Installation service.

As WordPress agency we are giving corporate and e-commerce wordpress installation service. We are doing all setting a new website from zero, renovation,arrangement or projecting works. We deliver our works with a great discipline, with our teammates who has a technically equipped about WordPress and on time. We offer the most suitable web design solutions for you by following up your project and communicating it personally by listening to what kind of website you want. Contact us if you want to let your website to an expert with the experience of more than 200 corporate reference and 10 years of wordpress expertise.

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What kind of WordPress Setups we do?

Are you ready to blog?

WordPress Blog Installation. With  WordPress blog installation, we deliver it ready to use by installing the theme you want.

Corporate WordPress Setup

Do you want your company to exist digitally? You are at the most accurate address where you can deliver your products and services to your target audience.

WordPress E-Commerce Setup

Do you know that with WordPress E-Commerce setup, you can expand your audience and earn more online?

How Procedure Proceeds In Web Design?


Offer confirmation and advance payment are required over the offer mail that we will sent an offer.


Sample themes that we think will be suitable for you are sent to you and confirmation is received.


Arrangements are made by setting the chosen theme into a demo website, when all works is over approval is obtained for broadcasting.


After the remaining payment is collected, we broadcast your website by receiving your domain and hosting information.


We give you instructions about how to add product, writing and page by using your  management panel.


E- bill is sent to you by receiving your bill information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need for WordPress website setup?

Domain name(Domain), Hosting Service( Hosting), Website Theme(Theme) and finally contents of your website needs to be prepared in advance. If you don’t have domain or hosting, we can create for you.

Alan adı I don’t have information about domain name or hosting, can you help me?

Domain name means your website name in Internet. For example, bugrayazar.com.tr is a domain name. If you don’t buy this domain name we can buy for you when you contact us.

Hosting is a file hosting service  is necessary to work your files which we will upload to your website. If there is no hosting service we cannot open your website. If you don2t have an information about this subject, again we can create these services on your behalf.

Can i reach you whenever i want?

You can contact us via e-mail, phone, WhatsApp, Skype between 09:00 – 19:00 work hours. 

Will my old content be lost when I refresh my site?

We solve the problems quickly that caused by us for the website that we prepared. If you request a different module or software, we calculate the working hours that we will spend and  fulfill your  requests by giving the most suitable price.

Do you still serve when the website is complete?

We solve all problems that stem from us in websites that we prepare. If you want a different module or software, we serve for the best price after calculating the hours that we need to work.

How long does it takes to be delivered?

We deliver your site in 3 days on personal blog setup, 7 days in Corporate web sites, 15 work days in E-commerce sites.

I want to have a WordPress Website done

We give firm, company, personal blog, corporate, e-commerce wordpress setup service according to WordPress theme you choose.

Having done a WordPress website setup is not an easy job. It is a software system which seems easy but has difficulties in itself. We give you the most suitable design service for having done a new website setup or changing the design of an existing website by doing a good analysis. You can view our website setup packages suitable to your budget from our WordPress Setup Prices section.

After WordPress setup you can constantly receive help from our firm. Our services below are the works that we done within the scope of wp setup.

  • WordPress Hosting Setup
  • Corporate WordPress Website Setup
  • WordPress E-Commerce Setup
  • WordPress Blog Setup
  • WordPress SEO Plugin Setup
  • WordPress Theme Setup
  • WordPress Setup From Scratch
  • WordPress Subdomain Setup

WordPress Website Setup Service

WordPress is a very popular platform to set up a website. It is widely used both for personal and corporate work. If you want to receive professional help about WordPress website with its fast, Easy and Turkish management panel, you can contact us.

Now, step by step, we will tell you how we install a WordPress website.

Start The WordPress Universe

  1. Determining your main content
  2. Domain name selection
  3. Hosting selection
  4. WordPress installation
  5. Choosing and installing your theme
  6. Installation of necessary and important plugins

1. Determining your main content

It is important what you aim for on the website that we install. Because a blog page and an e-commerce page do not have the same goals and functions. Is the website you’re going to set up a blog, a corporate website, or an e-commerce website? You need to decide that at the beginning of the project. If you’ve already decided, we can move on to the next step.

2. Domain name selection

It is a matter that needs to be thought about thoroughly, because the domain name you use will be your brand face. Just like we see the name of a brand on a sign when we are walking down a street. The sign is like the face of that brand because it’s remembered and searched by it. We can’t tell how important the domain name is. It is important that you determine an easy-to-read, memorable, and generic domain name. You should choose names that are easy to pronounce. Together, we can determine the extension to the end of the domain name you have selected. You can turn into a unique brand with this domain name by selecting an extension that you find the most appropriate and suits your website, for example, .com, .net, or .com.tr.

You can check whether the best domain name for yourself or your company has been purchased in advance by entering the website www.domainr.com which is one of the easiest ways of determining a domain name. When you determine your domain name, you can buy the domain name from our firm Sekme.net/Alan-Adi for a cheaper and economical price compared to the other firms.

3. Hosting service

It is a bit difficult to find places that provide the right web hosting service, and there are some features that need to be looked for when searching.

  • How much resource does your website need, what is your plan for the next year and to what extent you want to grow is too important for a stable web host that works properly 24/7 for 365 days.
  • It is a great easiness to contact customer support to get support when you encounter any problems.
  • Every website owner may not have a history of programming, so the control panel should be easy to understand for the user.
  • The budget of owning a website is very important in the long run. No one wants to pay too much for hosting that does not meet your needs.

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You can choose us because we offer you the highest-quality hosting service in the most appropriate way. We are happy with the services we will provide to you with our employees who are looking for solutions for any problems that you can encounter. You can click on the link below for individual or corporate WordPress hosting according to your needs.


4. WordPress Installation

At this stage, we start working immediately by installing the most up-to-date and hassle-free WordPress infrastructure on your already-purchased hosting or the hosting that you purchased from us.

5. Theme selection and installation

The appearance of your website is just as important as the sign we gave as an example. Because on the street where we walk, we look at the sign first, and then the store, and here our store is the appearance of our site. The simpler our site, the flatter it is, the better. You should be more careful so that the colours go with each other and there is no complexity.

As an outsider looking in, you should constantly evaluate your site. WordPress is a platform that offers you tons of themes. It has both free and paid themes. After thoroughly browsing theWordPress theme gallery, choose the theme you think best suits you. For paid themes you can visit the website themeforest.net.

After this stage, all that remains is to properly install the theme that you purchased or downloaded for free to your hosting. If you are having problems at installing or want to get services such as some customizations, Turkish translations and adding additional modules to the theme you like, we will help you with this.

6. Installation of necessary and important plugins

Plugins are our essentials in WordPress. Plugins provide great easiness to the user. There are lots of plugins that can increase the functionality of your WordPress website, like admin improvements and website security.

For example, the plugins I chose for you

  • WooCommerce ‒ One of the best plugins if you want to set up an online store. Ideal for product sales.
  • Yoast SEO – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a plugin that will help you publish high-quality search engines and content.
  • WP fastest cache – a caching plugin that allows your website to open faster.

If you don’t know how to install or configure these plugins, you can get professional support by contacting me on my contact page.

WordPress Installation Prices

We determine everything from your website’s theme to plugins according to your needs and provide WordPress installation service. You can fill out the form to get information about WordPress installation prices.


    I will return within 24 hours at the latest.