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WordPress SEO is a service that we prepare specifically for WordPress websites.

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What is WordPress SEO?

WordPress is an infrastructure that has a Turkish administration panel preferred by millions of website owners, modules can be added and developed. It is easier and less costly to get SEO services or consultancy by using this infrastructure. WordPress SEO, on the other hand, is an SEO you can do amateurishly by yourself with the things you learn from Udemy, YouTube, or blogs. If you want your job to get done by a professional expert, you need to get help from an SEO expert.

An SEO expert makes any website accessible, visible, and used by many users. SEO is defined as Search Engine Optimization. In this context, the tasks of the SEO expert are as follows.

  • To increase the visitor traffic of the website,
  • Collecting data by analyzing users’ behavior,
  • To make the website appear at the top of search engine results,
  • To enable visitors to browse the site easily,
  • To enable visitors to collect information easily on the site.

Who is a WordPress SEO Expert?

The people who update the websites monthly and periodically to be at the top of the search engines such as Google, Yandex, Bing; who produce new SEO strategies and report them and increase the visitor traffic of the websites as a result of their work are called WordPress SEO experts.

Tasks of a WordPress SEO Expert

A good SEO expert must prepare a needs analysis, plan and program before starting work. To show his client how beneficial his work is, he reports the SEO work as before and after and that shows that he respects his work.

Those who want to be an SEO expert must have the following competencies.

  • Good analysis ability,
  • Being talented in digital marketing,
  • Having technical competence,
  • Having the ability to design,
  • Having the criteria of systematical working.
  • Businesses that want to be more visible on Google or look with admiration at their rivals being at the top, companies that want to benefit from all the blessings of the digital world have started to make a separate budget for SEO service in recent years.

I think the reason for that is; You may have a website of high-quality design, but if you know that nobody enters the site, you’ll realize that you are doing something wrong and that you need to get help from an expert.

It is a fact that it is impossible to reach the right customer group with the wrong content. After you find the person who will help you reach your goal, getting SEO consultancy service from that person will greatly contribute to the growth of your company.

Why Should You Get a WordPress SEO Service?

Your customers aim to find your business website in search engines. If you do not work with an SEO expert and have not invested in SEO, your business or website becomes invisible in search engines. If no one can find your website, what’s the point of owning a website?

Today, search engines and social media stand out as the courses that get a large share from the market. Especially if you have a mobile weighted strategy, you can get a large amount of market share.

Although your products are of good quality, search engines like Google put quality first when it comes to SEO. Note that Google is not concerned with how many sites you have. Google is concerned with the quality of the content on your site. Therefore, websites of high quality in terms of design, usage, and content will be the choice of both search engines and users.

This is how your rivals in the industry do this job. The websites of your rivals’, who are working with a good SEO expert, become more visible than your website and take away your traffic and therefore your customers.

For these reasons, if you want your website or e-commerce site to be at the top of search engine results and increase visitor traffic, you should definitely work with an SEO expert.

Be More Visible

If you get WordPress SEO services, your website will be more visible in Google and other search engines. Buğra Yazar, who has done various studies about this, first guides you to host your hosting in a good company.

Content is the most important criterion for websites. Quality content is also very important in terms of content. It also provides guidance on quality content.

Above all, a good analysis and a course should be set. Buğra Yazar informs you about all kinds of subjects that need to be analyzed in this respect.

  • First of all, the deficiencies of your website are determined,
  • In the SEO work to be done, it is determined whether the site is suitable for local SEO,
  • What needs to be done to go up in search engine results in the short term is determined,
  • What needs to be done to go up in search engine results in the long run is determined,
  • Efforts are made to increase the opening speed of the pages of the site,
  • Briefs received from the site owner and customers are correctly analyzed to improve user experiences,
  • It is checked whether the link structures are set up correctly.

With Buğra Yazar, your website will be more visible in search engine results after the works mentioned-above are done in a certain order.

How do I recognize the right SEO Expert?

Unfortunately, as in every sector, there are some SEO experts in the world of SEO who think that they are doing SEO by using illegal methods.

These experts market your website with “google ranking service” in the short term and market it as cheap SEO packages in a short time like 1-2 months. You must have frequently seen them in Facebook groups, forums such as r10.net or wmaraci, and you must have been harassed by these people or companies by phone or mail.

The work done on a corporate site and an e-commerce site or personal blog site will not be the same. If you understand that each site needs a different course and WordPress SEO work, I suggest you evaluate the offers that make sense to you for the promised SEO services for your site.

Freelance WordPress SEO Service

You know there is a lot of SEO agency in Turkey, Istanbul. In fact, there may even be a few new agencies established while I wrote this post 🙂

The common ground of these agencies is that they work for more than one site, so the time the agency will spend on you and your website will be short. On the other hand, these agencies will shape SEO prices accordingly to cover these expenses, such as office rent, tax, employee expenses, invoices.

Since the people who provide freelance WordPress SEO services do not have such expenses, both the cost and the quality of the work will increase considerably.

Would you like your project, website, corporate site to be more visible? Contact us to get information about freelance WordPress SEO services.

SEO experts you shouldn't work with

  • People or companies claiming to take your site to 1st place
  • People or companies that say they do not need your management panel password
  • Those who say that you will go up in a short time with backlink packages
  • Those who do not offer references
  • Those who do not transparently explain what they will do for your site
  • Those who constantly causes extra expenses
  • Those who have been in the sector less than 5 years

I Need an SEO Expert Who Has Knowledge About WordPress

Companies working with a good WordPress SEO expert will gain serious advantages in site performance, and the SEO expert who lies down on the job will cause defeat and your rivals will be one step ahead of you on Google. If you wayennt to work with an SEO expert who knows WordPress well, just write “WordPress expert” in the Google search engine. Our company, which has been in the first place for many years, is always at your service for your SEO consulting needs with the benefits we provide to WordPress sites and more than 250+ corporate customers.

Why Buğra YAZAR?

Buğra Yazar has been involved in various web projects since 2010 and has improved himself in the fields of SEO, Digital Marketing, and WordPress Social Media and continues to do so.

Benefiting from foreign news sources and following SEO news, Buğra Yazar follows various algorithm changes and implements successful works in his own projects. However, he does not attempt to do SEO to someone else’s website with the data he obtained as a result of his research.

The SEO work he does for a corporate website, e-commerce site, or a personal blog is not the same. He does SEO work by setting a different course for each site.

Serving as an SEO expert, Buğra Yazar also provides services in Digital Marketing. In addition, he shares his experiences with his SEO work on his blog. Sharing his experiences on the Youtube channel, Buğra Yazar provides WordPress consultancy services for many corporate companies.


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