WordPress Security Service Turkey

We can say WordPress website’s security service is like security cameras and strong shutters. Unsecured shops are defenseless to thieves. We raise your security to the maksimum level with our works within the scope of WordPress security service. Did you take essential security measures for your e-commerce websites or corporate websites. Are you aware of the risks that may happen to you if you did not? We make your website more secured against to attacks, hackings and viruses with security procedures that we prepared for websites with WordPress database.

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Security Service for your WordPress Website

 The security service of WordPress websites resembles the security cameras and shutters of your business. Businesses that are not protected are vulnerable to thieves. With our works regarding our WordPress security service, we increase your security to the maximum. Have you taken the necessary security precautions for your personal blog, your corporate website, or your E-commerce site? If you have not, are you aware of the dangers you can face? By applying the security procedures we have developed for websites with WordPress infrastructure, we make your site secure against attacks, hackings, and viruses.

WordPress Security Service

If you have a WordPress website for your business and do not have any information about WordPress security, you are at the right place. One of the topics we will explain to you dear customers today is what the WordPress security extensions are. Another topic is explaining why you need those security extensions on your website.

Why is security important?

It is important to note that WordPress itself has a safe infrastructure. The WordPress producers and software teams can take safety precautions against any new viruses and attack techniques in the fastest way possible.

However, there are some standard technical settings that are necessary. If you do not know how to adjust these settings, your website will be vulnerable to attacks. Let me shortly explain what can possibly happen. In case of a virus that has attacked your site, your visitors will face pop-ups of gambling, bet, pornographic or illegal content or its advertisements, which can put your visitors at risk. As someone who has seen this problem a lot, my advice is that you update your theme and extensions and do not upload any unlicensed themes or extensions on your website.

It requires knowledge to adjust the security settings or take extra safety precautions on WordPress websites. You can get a professional WordPress Security Service from us to do this.

What is included in the WordPress Security Service?

It consists of more security options than what you, dear customers, can do for your safety (strong password, different username).  We check whether or not our customer has any security weaknesses and put our WordPress Security Service into operation according to their needs.

  • Protect the wp-admin/admin login
  • Deactivating directory browsing
  • Protecting the .Htaccess
  • Blocking the abuse agent (with .htaccess)
  • Blocking the directing spam
  • Protecting Wp-config.php files
  • Protecting / Wp-content / element (against viruses in jpg or png files)
  • Blocking comment spam senders and bad bots
  • Firewall installation
  • Configuration to protect against Brute Force attacks

Most Common Questions

What is WordPress Security Service?

It is a service offered to protect your WordPress website from attacks.

How can I make the payment?

Ödemeyi nakit yada EFT ile yapabilirsiniz. You can pay in cash or through EFT.

What do you offer with this service?

We take necessary precautions to prevent attacks and bad comments.

What is the delivery time of this service?

The delivery time for this service is five business days.


    I will return within 24 hours at the latest.