WordPress Maintenance Service Turkey

As part of WordPress monthly maintenance, we meet your regular maintenance, theme and plugin update, backup and security needs.

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WordPress Maintenance Service Turkey

We solve the problems you can’t solve in difficult times with monthly WordPress maintenance service. You can contant us in case of emergency, we provide maintenance services for your website. If you prefer WordPress as website database, you can minimize these problems by getting monthly maintenance service. Feel comfortable about leaving the job to the expert If you work with a Worpdress expert who shall solve your problems quickly.

WordPress Maintenance and Support

As part of WordPress maintenance and support, we meet your regular maintenance, theme and plugin update, backup and security needs. We provide periodic maintenance services for many types of WordPress sites, from personal blogs to corporate sites, hobby sites to e-commerce sites.

With monthly WordPress maintenance service, we solve problems that you cannot solve in difficult times, we provide freelance maintenance services to your website, which you will reach immediately in emergency situations. If you prefer WordPress as website infrastructure, you can minimize such problems by taking monthly maintenance. Even if these problems happen to you, if you are working with a WordPress expert who will solve the problem quickly, you will be comfortable leaving the job to the expert.

WordPress Update

As new versions of WordPress are released, the site infrastructure is also upgraded to the new version published.

Plugin Updates

Updating active plugins to the latest versions, detecting and eliminating incompatibilities that may occur after the update.

Theme Updates

Updating the active theme used on the website to the new version published, eliminating design and functional disorders that may occur after the update.

Bug Fixes (bugfix)

Error fixes (bugfix) that will be detected, that are not done at the development level.

Security Updates

Technical studies related to WordPress security.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need for WordPress website setup?

Domain name (Domain), Hosting Service (Hosting), Website Theme (Theme) and finally contents of your website needs to be prepared in advance. If you don’t have domain or hosting, we can create for you.

I do not have information about domain name or hosting, can you help me?

Domain name means your website name in Internet. For example, bugrayazar.com.tr is a domain name. If you don’t buy this domain name we can buy for you when you contact us.

Hosting is a file hosting service is necessary to work your files which we will upload to your website. If there is no hosting service we cannot open your website. If you don2t have an information about this subject, again we can create these services on your behalf.

 Can I reach you whenever I want?

You can contact us via e-mail, phone, WhatsApp, Skype between 09:00 – 19:00 work hours.

Will my old content be lost when I refresh my site?

We solve the problems quickly that caused by us for the website that we prepared. If you request a different module or software, we calculate the working hours that we will spend and  fulfill your  requests by giving the most suitable price.

Do you still serve when the website is complete?

We solve all problems that stem from us in websites that we prepare. If you want a different module or software, we serve for the best price after calculating the hours that we need to work.

How long does it takes to be delivered?

We deliver your site in 3 days on personal blog setup, 7 days in Corporate web sites, 15 work days in E-commerce sites.

WordPress Maintenance Service Prices

As part of WordPress monthly maintenance, we meet your regular maintenance, theme and plugin update, backup and security needs. You can fill out the form to get information about WordPress maintenance service prices.


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